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My name is Amanda Adams. You would remember me from school as the girl with a paperback in her hand and an A+ in English class. Why I pursued a college degree other than Language Arts is one of the great mysteries of my life.    

I began reviewing ebooks for Kindle Book Review in 2017. I professionally reviewed 82 titles that year, and hundreds more since then. I continue to work as a contributor there when my editing schedule allows. My reviews have been featured on GoodReads, Amazon, and Audible, as well as on my book review blog, Novel Junky

Also in 2017, I was approached independently by authors Dorothy Place and Adalina Mae to read and publish my review their newly published novels, "The Heart to Kill" and "Nothing is Predictable." Soon after, author Thomas Hay hired me to beta read and edit his novel, "Abduction Chronicles." I proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as made suggestions for improving characters, plot and general appeal of his story. Mr. Hay applauded and credited my work at publication.

All of those opportunities prompted me to create Pen and Ink Provisions, LLC in 2018 so that I could focus professionally on editing, proofreading and beta reading. 

What can Pen and Ink do for you?

Copy editing is defined as the process of reviewing and correcting written material to improve accuracy and readability, and to ensure that it is free of errors, inconsistencies and repetition. In other words, copy editing involves shoring up the bones of the text. I perform copy editing at two levels of intensity; cursory and intermediate.   

  • Cursory includes correcting spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tenses and other minor grammatical errors. 
  • Intermediate goes beyond cursory, involving scrutinizing sentence length and structure, paragraph length and structure, and word choice,  as well as identifying and correcting missing and/or excess words, grammar mistakes, and punctuation continuity throughout the text.

Pen and Ink Provisions invoices $3-$5 per page (industry standard page being 250-350 words), based on the level of editing.

Content editing involves evaluating the content in great detail. It is the responsibility of a content editor to verify any cross-references in the text, identify factual errors, propose reorganizing or restructuring to improve readability and may even require some degree of rewriting. In fictional content, I look for contradictions and discrepancies in the plot, character and dialogue as well as evaluate introduction, theme development, sub-plot integration and conclusion.
Pen and Ink Provisions invoices $6-$7.50 per page (industry standard page being 250-350 words) for content editing based on type of content.

is usually the last step in the writing/editing process and is not meant to be as comprehensive as editing. The job of a proofreader is to identify typographical, grammatical and formatting errors that were missed or introduced during the editing process.
Pen and Ink Provisions invoices $2 per page (industry standard page being 250-350 words) for proofreading.

Beta reading is most often reserved for manuscripts. A beta reader reads the entire manuscript and relays their personal response back to the author. That feedback is used by the author to improve plot, pacing and/or consistency. Beta reading is noting observations, not correcting mistakes. A good beta reader will provide a written report consisting of their reactions. This is a great way for the author/client to experience their book through the eyes of their audience.
Pen and Ink invoices for beta reading based on word count at $.01 per word.

Once you have chosen Pen & Ink Provisions for your editing, proofreading or beta reading needs, I will be in contact via telephone or email to discuss the scope of the project.

Please use the contact form below or email to start the process.


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