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My name is Amanda Adams. You would remember me from school as the girl with a paperback in her hand and an A+ in English class. Why I chose a college degree other than Language Arts is one of the great mysteries of my life.    

I began reviewing books for Amazon and Kindle in 2017, and professionally reviewed 82 books as a contributor at Kindle Book Review. Those reviews were featured on GoodReads, Amazon and on my book review blog, The Novel Junky

Also in 2017, I was approached by authors Dorothy Place and Adalina Mae to read and review their newly published novels, The Heart to Kill and Nothing is Predictable. Soon after, author Thomas Hay hired me to beta read his novel, Abduction Chronicles. I proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as made suggestions for improving characters, plot, and general appeal of his story. Mr. Hay applauded and credited my work at publication.

That work lead me into freelance beta reading and editing for new and established authors. Pen and Ink Provisions, LLC was created in 2018 so I could focus professionally on editing, proofreading and beta reading. 

What can Pen and Ink do for you?

Copy editing is comprehensively improving style, formatting, confirming accuracy, spotting inconsistencies and ensuring that the writing is grammatically correct. There are varying degrees of copy editing: cursory, intermediate, and intensive.

Pen and Ink Provisions bills for copy editing per page or by the hour, based on the level of editing and client needs.

  • Cursory copy editing consists of simply double-checking accuracy and correcting a few grammatical issues in the text. 
  • Intermediate copy editing is a bit more complicated. Improving flow and re-working text might be necessary in addition to the responsibilities of cursory editing.
  • Intensive copy editing is the most involved level, going well beyond cursory or intermediate copy editing. Re-structuring entire paragraphs and thoroughly correcting style, flow, and grammar mistakes throughout much of the document can be required.

Content editing is a much more intense process, demanding more creativity and a lot more time than copy editing. It may be necessary for the editor to add or remove segments to correct flow and/or style. Often large portions of the work require in-depth rewriting and that type of input rises to the level of content creation. This is where that creativity comes in handy.
Pen and Ink Provisions bills for content editing per page or by the hour, based on client needs.

is primarily a cosmetic or surface procedure. Usually this is the last step in the writing/editing process and is not meant to be as comprehensive as editing. The job of a proofreader is not to re-work text or re-arrange content. Simply put, it is a last run-through to catch superficial problems with content.
Pen and Ink Provisions bills for proofreading per page or by the hour, based on client needs.

Beta reading is most often reserved for manuscripts. A beta reader reads the entire manuscript and relays their personal response to it back to the author. What the client gains is an authentic way to encounter his or her book. A good beta reader will provide a written report consisting of their reactions and often will make notes in the original text to highlight their reaction to specific parts of the book. Beta reading is more about noting observations than correcting mistakes.
Pen and Ink bills for beta reading based on word count.

Once you have chosen Pen & Ink Provisions for your editing, proofreading or beta reading needs, I will be in contact via telephone or email to discuss the scope of work.

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